Tourist Services

Tourist Services Provided by Casal do Vulcão


Transportation - Horta - Capelo Min: 25€ Max: 40€ Airport - Capelo Min: 10€ Max: 25€

Taking into consideration that tourists would rather not drive during vacation ,the “Casal do Vulcão” offers a shuttle service that fits nine people, with special attention to welcome and transport their clients from the Maritime Port at Horta or the Airport of Castelo Branco and visa versa. The shuttle also provides tours between the Capelo and the City of Horta, the times for tours must be planned ahead.

Meals - Home made meal 12,5€/person (drinks not inclueded)

As a complement to your stay and a way of keeping in touch with the Botelho family you may arrange to have a traditional meal with them or only guests. Touring the Island - Tours around the island are offered in groups or individually they will also take you to visit the local tourist attractions.

Donkey Rides - Adults 12,5€/h Children's 7,5€/h

If you are interested in being less formal and ready to enjoy nature we provide donkey rides along the premises. Our donkeys are loving and docile.

Nature Walks - Guiding and transport 10€/h

Another means of enjoying youself within the premises is to walk and explore the volcanic cavities which are about 1200m to reach “Gruta do Cabeço do Canto”.

Bicycle Rides - Bicycle renting 7,5€/h

Due to little trafic in the vicinity and relatively plain streets bikes are available for guests. You can enjoy your bike ride along the coast between the Port of Comprido and Varadouro, as well as all of the foot of Cabeço Verde.

Fishing - Fishing Rod 5€/h

For those who love fishing along the coast, various types of fishing gear and materials are available so that you can cath your own dinner and prepare it in the houses or the barbeque outside.

Caves and Dens - Guiding and transport 10€/h

For those who enjoy exploring caves and dens it is only a 1200m walking distantance to reach the enterance of Gruta do Cabeço do Canto, one of the three Caves on the island of Faial, two of them are located in the small village of Capelo, the other is situated at the Parque Florestal do Capelo(Forest park). The Cave of Cabeço do Canto is about 346m in altitude, having a maximum height of 5 m and a total length of 21 m. You also have the opportunity to visit the Fuma Ruim in one simple walk to the Cabeço Verde.

Touring the Island - Tour of the island (5 hours) Min: 50€ Max: 80€ * Half Tour Min: 25€ Max: 40€

Tours around the island are offered in groups or individually they will also take you to visit the local tourist attractions

Activities Near Casal do Vulcão

Swimming -

Nearby you can swim at Porto do comprido, and only a few minutes walk is the beach Praia da Fajã, and the natural rock pools at Varadouro to practice swimming and scuba diving.

Boat Tours -

The family intends to provide contact with local fishermen for short boat tours with participation in Artisan fishing.

Horseback riding -

A few minutes away from “Casal do Vulcão” you can enjoy horseback riding provided by Centro Hípico do Capelo.

Mini Golf -

In the nearby village of Capelo offers a mini-golf course. It is only a few km distance from Casal do Vulcão and is characterized by its views.

Tennis -

The location of "Casal do Vulcão ", permits you to enjoy a series of activities, especially to practice tennis at the club Junta de freguesia. You must ask permission and set up a specific time.

Other Tourist Activities in the Island of Faial

Whale and Dolphin Watching -

The ocean of the Azores has more than twenty species of whales and dolphins, and the island of Faial is one of the principal tourist sights for observation of these magnificent beasts. Besides being near the whales you can visit Scrimshaw Museum, the most magnificent museum in the world.

Diving -

You have the opportunity discover the sub aquatic world of the Azores while scuba diving or diving even deeper. There is an abundance of species to see in the fauna and flora rich waters near the volcanic islands of the Azores.

Useful and Safety Information - Emergency Number 112

* Hospital 21Km 292 201 000 * Fire Department 24Km 292 200 850 * Police 22Km 292 208 510

Near Restaurants -

* Bela Vista 5Km 292 645 204 * Amorim 7Km 292 645 555 * Vista da Baía 7Km 292 945 140