What it is the Casal do Vulc„o ?

Brief History

On September 16 1957 seismic activity began at Capelinhos Volcano. Two hundred low intensity earthquakes occurred between the 16 and 27.

The underwater volcanic activity began on September 27, causing an enormous eruption that lasted until October 1958.

After this Natural disaster, hundreds of people abandoned their homes and immigrated to other countries, generally to the United States of America.

The Casal do Vulcão was built at ruins caused by the eruption at Capelinhos Volcano.



The name "Casal do Vulcão” emerged because of its proximity to the Capelinhos Volcano.

“Casal” because it is a group of four buildings and a reservoir used for tourism in rural areas, the houses are models of rustic ranch homes, within a 1,0000 square meters enclosure.

The four buildings are perfectly independent from one another; the main house (70.79 m2) and the remaining three are adjacent to it

The second building had two stories and was used as a granary (126 m2), where the cereals, and corn were kept for family consumption.

The third house also with two stories, was used as a hay-loft (86.4) where hay and forage were stored for the livestock and farm implements.

The fourh house named the ox cart (31.13 m2) was used to store just that which was widely used during that time period..


Improvements to the Facilities

The improvements made allowed the proprietor to recuperate the current space, with reference to the construction of the existing buildings giving special attention to security and updating to the current building codes.

Given the fragility of some existing walls and the fact that some were partially in ruins they were demolished and rebuilt maintaining the original dimensions. Each of the buildings has at least one wall built of stone, only one of which is not built of regional stone.

The improvements to the main house were the addition of two double bedrooms, kitchen with a wooden stove, a living room, a complete bathroom.

The granary (second building), contains three double bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room with a chimney and two bathrooms, in an area of 126 square meters.

The hay-loft (third building) a type T1 apartment is equipped with a bedroom, living room and Kitchenette in each of them.

The ox cart (fourth building) was used to store ox carts in the past; became a bedroom with a bathroom.

The exterior improvements included fences, gardens, relaxing spaces and an area for guests to socialize, it also provides a pleasant place for readers.



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